About The CyberWatch Group

The CyberWatch Group is a specialized, Washington based cyber security company with a mission to prevent and respond to data security breaches. The CyberWatch Group provides information and assistance in implementing proactive measures to reduce the risks of computer security incidents as well as responding to such incidents. We enhance interaction, consultations and promotes a coordinated approach regarding engagements with the private sector and civil society. As a key point of contact for cyber security matters, it coordinates cyber security response activities, and facilitates information and technology sharing.

Why Choose Us

has created a unique learning system. Our real-time knowledge of the threat landscape ensures that our offerings provide the best means to protect our customers. We are constantly guided by our frontline expertise as we build our products, deliver threat intelligence and arm our services team to prepare for, respond to and prevent breaches. Our fundamental belief is that hands-on front-line expertise and intelligence, combined with innovative technology, provides the best means to protect our customers from cyber threats.

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